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Princess Tea Party!

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Jogos Ensino Família RPG Entretenimento
Developer: iPrincess Entertainment Limited

- Get the princess ready for an evening with British royalty.
- Give her a complete makeover, complete with a fancy red dress.
- Attend the tea party and enjoy some classic dessert cake in the castle.
- Enjoy the dance afterwards in your amazing outfit.
- Impress the whole kingdom with your fine manners!

Put on your best dress and get ready for a classic royal red carpet treatment! English Tea Party takes place in a princess castle where the British royals are about to have cake and dessert. After tea, they plan on throwing a lavish dance for the whole kingdom to enjoy, and youre invited! Dress like a true beauty princess so you can impress the British royalty and have your moment on the classic red carpet!

Picking out a nice dress is hard for any princess, even on a normal day. But this day is a special day since shes off to see British royalty in the kingdoms castle! The tea party is set for this afternoon, complete with cake and a dance afterwards. Your job is to dress this beauty of a princess so she can impress the royals as she walks down the red carpet. Dont let her down, a lot of people are counting on her looking like a classic beauty!

Dress your princess for success by giving her a new hairstyle, makeup, fancy outfits and more. Pick out accessories and jewelry she can wear, something fit for a princess that would make the British royal princess jealous! Once her clothes and hair are perfect, its time for the tea party and dance. Careful with that red dessert cake, you dont want to get crumbs on your dress!

How to Play:
- Start by dressing the beauty princess in an outfit made for royalty.
- Give her a new hairstyle, makeup, jewelry and accessories.
- Take her to the kingdom castles big party and have a bit of dessert.

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